PurEternal Anti Aging Cream Review

The discomfort of dry skin can be relieved with the application of PurEternal, a recently-released anti-aging cream. Following is a consumer report on what to expect from the PurEternal skin product.

What is PurEternal?

PurEternal is a skin cream the promises to maintain skin, keeping it healthy, hydrated and sufficiently moist. There are many natural and synthetic ingredients that make PurEternal so effective in maintaining healthy skin.

Some of the benefits of PurEternal according to the product manufacturers are as follow:

  • Reduction of visible signs of aging skin.
  • Effectively address age spots and blotchiness achieving a smooth complexion
  • Cultivate softer skin that is more supple to the touch

These results are best achieved with the regular application of PurEternal Anti-Aging cream. This product was designed and is manufactured by a well known Georgia, USA-based company called BeautifulFaceNow.

As yet this product is only available for distribution or free trial offer from the company’s official webpage beautifulfacenow.com

How PurEternal Anti-Aging Cream Works

The primary design of this innovative cosmetic product is to prevent the untimely breakdown of collagen and the elasticity it provides to the skin. This is accomplished by boosting the natural collagen producing glands which results in firmer skin, less visible wrinkles and the general restoration of skin tone.

The three core ingredients which make PurEternal so effective are derivatives of several different herbal compounds and flower extracts.

Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract — This extract is proven to function as an “Myorelaxant”, which means it reduces the “micro contractions” which can often lead to the finer wrinkles. This is also very effective in reducing the presence of age spots and other blemishes that accompany the rolling years.

Ribes Nigrum Seed Extract — This is a compound extracted from black currant leaves and is reputed to actually penetrate the skin layers and dislodges the toxins and irritants that build up over time and are especially hard to eliminate from the skin. This extract is also a stimulant for liver activity, which helps the body to regularly remove toxins from the body.

Eryngium Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate —This herbal extract is a well known moisturizer, a potent moisturizer. This can be used to address the particularly dry areas of the skin like the chin, nose, forehead and cheeks. This not only keeps the skin moist and soft but also boost firmness and maintains elasticity.

Other PurEternal Ingredients

In addition to the three core ingredients listed above, PurEternal contains a few other ingredients which the manufacturers have not made public.

Actually, the only other ingredient, aside from the three core ingredients of which anyone is aware is pure water. Perhaps these are the only ingredients, but this is unlikely— not matter how you cut it, you will need a few more ingredients to produce the consistency of PurEternal Anti Aging Cream.

  • Ribes Nigrum Seed Extract
  • Purified Water
  • Eryngium Maritimum Callus
  • Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract

How to Use PurEternal

The manufacturer recommends the following process to properly apply PurEternal Anti-Aging Cream”

Step 1) Wash the face with a mild soap and pat dry with a clean towel

Step 2) Apply the indicated amount of PurEternal cream to the face and neck while your skin is still slightly damp. With slow gentle motions work the cream into the skin paying special attention to the jawline, cheekbones and brow line as well as any other areas that you feel need extra support.

Step 3) Repeat this process twice daily, ideally when rising in the morning and before retiring at night.

In addition to the the tips on application process, the manufacturer has a few other recommendations that can effectively improve the physical conditions of the skin and enhance the effects of PurEternal cream.

  • Regular quality rest is imperative for smooth skin without blemishes.
  • Smoking and drinking can effectively age your skin prematurely.
  • Fish Oil supplements are very effective at maintaining a youthful aspect to your skin.

How to Buy PurEternal

You can receive your own free trial case of PurEternal cream through an autoship program. Here is what you will need to know to take advantage of this program.

  • You enter your contact information and shipping address where you will receive your trial sample
  • Provide a credit card and agree to pay a $4.95 fee for “shipping and handling” of the free trial
  • You can expect to receive a full-sized jar of PurEternal in your mailbox within 3 to 5 business days
  • You will be given this product to “try out” over 14 days. If you decide this is not the product you thought it would be, you have this time to contact the PurEternal Manufacturers and return the product, at your own cost mind you. You will have to pay for the return shipping of the trial product.
  • If you get caught up in the moment and forget to report the unwanted product you will be charged the full $84.95 for the product exactly 14 days after you first order the cream. You will have authorized this charge when you arrange for the free trial.

The autoship option is actually very faint and can’t be easily noticed on the order page. You will opt in to the program as soon as you complete your order for PurEternal, the truth is many people overlook this fine print, even when they are really looking for it.

One other thing that makes the whole thing look a bit sleazy is the “InsureShip” option that will be added to your purchase unless you locate the cleverly hidden option to not include this charge in your purchase. Most legitimate online sellers include this insurance without charge anyways.

If you don’t want to be charged for this you will need to deselect the box next to the tiny $1.99 for InsureShip. The setup is deliberately confusing so that most customers will be suckered into this nefarious two-buck scheme.

Who Makes PurEternal?

The manufacturers can also be contacted online— when contacting the producers to cancel an order it is best to contact by the phone number provided.

On an interesting side note, PurEternal is the company’s only product. It is a bit unusual for a cosmetic producer to only provide one product, but it could happen. But another weird fact is the address provided is to a UPS Store, there is no physical PurEternal Address provided — which adds to the dubious nature of this company.

In the end, there are many online purveyors of cosmetic products each declaring they are better than the rest. It is quite likely that a transaction with the PurEternal Purveyors will leave you with a mediocre skin cream and short several hundred dollars on things you didn’t even know you agreed to. Tricky-tricky these terms and conditions can be.