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Forskolin and Weight Loss Review

Losing weight is not an easy task. According to the statistics, of the multitude of weight watchers who set off with the greatest intentions, only a mere 15% will actually attain their goals and achieve their desired weight.

Those who fail are most likely than others to attempt to remedy their weight condition with alternative weight control methods such as herbal medications and supplements.

One such herbal remedy that is reputed to aid in weight loss is called %u2018forskolin%u2019. This herbal remedy has received great amounts of attention since its discovery just a few short years ago. But that%u2019s not exactly accurate, the forskolin plant has been a staple of primitive remedies since time was not even known as time.

This article will take an in depth look at this miracle weight loss supplement and focus on the science behind it. If you bare interested in enhancing your weight loss efforts with forskolin or any other an herbal supplement, this is an article you will want to have on hand for future reference.

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is an active compound that is derived from the roots of the Indian Coleus, a plant closely related to the mint family. As previously mentioned this plant has been used in a variety of herbal medications to address the maladies of the body.

Although modern medicine is still conducting research and investigations into the nutritional and medical value of the Indian Coleus, there is much that indicates that the reputation of this plant may be well-deserved.

Forskolin became a household name when it was featured on a January 2014 edition of the Dr. Oz Show. Since then it has gained fame as an effective weight loss supplement derived from natural compounds of the India Coleus Plant, but how effective as a weight loss supplement is Forskolin?

How Effective is Forskolin as a Weight loss supplement?

To answer this important question it is necessary to review the various studies that have been done on the effects of forskolin on the fat regulation of the body, or its metabolism.

To set the right spin on the topic, we must understand that much of the testing was performed on lab mice or other such non-human test subjects, which means it is quite likely that the results may be different when experienced by human subjects.

These studies proved beyond a doubt that forskolin stimulates the fat cells to be released in the same way they would be if they were being burned as fuel for energy. Of course, this is not enough to actually promote a loss in weight. For weight loss to ensue there must be a sufficient calorie deficiency that will ensure the weight is lost.

This is a commonly accepted fact, for weight loss to occur there must be more calories on the way out being used as energy then there are coming in, from the foods consumed.

With this in mind, we see that an herbal supplement, like Forskolin, can actually be a huge benefit to weight loss efforts but can%u2019t actually be counted on for any results by themselves. Weight loss supplements can effectively:

  • Suppress the Appetite and reduce the snacking impulse
  • Adjust digestive processes so that they are more conducive to the calorie deficiency.
  • Increase the metabolic rate meaning more calories are burned

As yet studies have not shown that Forskolin actually promotes any of these adjustments in human subjects. This does not mean that forskolin is not effective. As a matter of fact forskolin has even more promising results to lend your efforts in achieving a healthy weight while retaining a muscular build.

In the next chapter we will take a deeper look at these promising results. To recap what we have seen so far, forskolin does stimulate the release of fats cells, which in itself may not necessarily cause weight loss.

Does Forskolin Help Weight loss Efforts?

According to modern science human healthy vitality and even longevity can be greatly improved by maintaining a healthy weight and living a healthy life. In an effort to lose weight, many people will respond to the apparent difficulties by using some herbal supplement.

While forskolin has received a large amount of publicity as an effective weight loss supplement made of natural compounds many people wonder how effective forskolin actually is. To answer this important doubt, it important to take a good look at the science behind the forskolin supplement and the plant it is derived from.


Forskolin is an active compound that is taken from the roots of a plant native to the Indian Subcontinent, where it has been a staple in herbal medications for many hundreds of years. Recently modern science has shed some light on the the true capacity of forskolin to affect weight loss efforts.

Does Forskolin Benefit Weight Loss Efforts?

The medical community has taken the time to ascertain the level capacity of forskolin to assist in weight loss efforts.

While most of these tests have been carried out on animals, it is safe to assume that not all effects can be expected from humans. The studies have shown the forskolin stimulates the fat cells of the body causing them to be released as if they were being burned as fuel.

While this in itself is highly conducive to that important deficit between the calories that are consumed and the calories that are spent in activity, this does not mean that forskolin will promote weight loss in itself.

The rule of consuming less calories than are being used is essential for weight loss, this can be encouraged with the regular consumption of weight loss supplements that can reduce the efficiency of the digestive system meaning less calories are assimilated from food products.

Supplements can also suppress the appetite reducing the need for %u201Cbetween meal nibbling%u201D and then they can increase the metabolic factor meaning more calories are burned.

Forskolin has not been found to provide any of these benefits.

Nevertheless, the effects that can be found in forskolin are impressive in their own way, highly effective as well.

Studies of the Forskolin Supplement

As yet, there have only been two studies performed on forskolin and how it affects the efforts of health conscious weight watchers. These studies were randomized so that the results would follow empirical standards.

The most significant of the two tests recruited a groups of thirty overweight to obese men who were randomly assigned to two study groups. The first study group was given forskolin supplements, 250mg of Coleus forskohlii in capsule form twice each day for two weeks.

The other group was given a placebo pill.

When the results were tallied, the placebo group failed to lose weight as rapidly as the forskolin group, but in the end there was no difference in the total weight lost.

Another curious point was that the free testosterone levels of the forskolin group were significantly increased. Elevated testosterone levels can also stimulate the release of fatty cells and this may be partly fat loss was more rapid in the forskolin group.

In the other study, a group of twenty-three women of size were given 500 mg of forskolin extract, the same supplement that the group of men were given,once a day over the course of twelve weeks.

In the end, it was found that although forskolin may not have the same effects as it did on the group of men, it was found to prevent the occurrence of eight gain.

In conclusion, forskolin was found to prevent weight loss in women and to greatly improve the body composition in men retaining muscle mass and releasing fat cells. While this is strong evidence, the results are not strong enough to make any solid recommendations, While there have been reports of great success in certain people, others have found no such benefits.

Will Forskolin Actually Help You Lose Weight?

The medical community has been hard at work studying the effects that can be expected from the Forskolin. To date there have been two important studies performed on forskolin and its weight loss benefits.

In the first one, a large group of larger than average men were divided into two groups of fifteen each completely at random. The first group was given a dosage of 250mg of Coleus forskohlii extract twice each day for the course of two weeks. The second group was give the identical dosage in an entirely ineffective placebo pill.

The men were observed and measured throughout the study and the results were compared. The group of men who received the forskolin pills were found to lose weight more rapidly than the placebo group. Nevertheless, there was no significant difference in the total weight lost by the two groups.

Another difference that the researchers were quick to notice was the elevated levels of free testosterone levels in the forskolin group. Free testosterone levels are found to increase the rate fat is burned and this may be the reason the forskolin group achieved their objective in less time.

The rise in testosterone is also partially responsible for the increase in muscle mass. There was a tendency toward increased muscle mass measured in the forskolin group but it was not significant enough to report.

The other study was done on a group of overweight to obese women, who received the same dosage, 500 mg each day over a two week period.

Unlike the previous study on male subjects, the women were not found to have any significant weight loss to be measured. However there was a recordable stop on weight being gained.

What do these two studies tell us about forskolin? A twelve week period of forskolin supplementation at 500 mg a day can not necessarily result in any significant weight loss. That being said men may find their weight loss efforts greatly enhanced. Furthermore, forskolin seems to increase the likelihood that fatty tissues will be replaced with lean muscle structure.

While women may not enjoy the benefits of released fat cells there is enough proof to indicate they can effectively cease the accumulation of body weight, and this in itself can be a benefit.

Having said this, it is important to add that despite the scientific data, any nutritionist will tell you there is just not enough evidence to make a solid recommendation in either direction. More research is needed.

Are there other Health Benefits of Forskolin Supplements?

There are also many other health benefits that can be reaped from regular forskolin consumption. The herbal remedy has been used for many centuries to address many conditions of the lungs and respiratory system as well as positively affect bone structure and testosterone production.

The Indian Coleus plant has been used to treat asthma, constipation and a number of other conditions. Regular Forskolin supplements can%u2026

  • widen the airways of the lungs and bronchial tubes
  • Relieve the occurrences of asthma attacks
  • Affect bone density and ward off the onset of osteoporosis.
  • Promote the maintenance of muscle and regulate the metabolism.

Tests and studies performed on lab animals have also indicated there are many other benefits from regular forskolin supplementation.

Should You Try Forskolin?

Judging merely by the evidence from the scientific community it is obvious that plenty more research is needed before any solid recommendations for forskolin and its reputed benefits can be made.

It is also important to remember that the effects and results that were found in one case may not actually have any bearing on other individuals with vastly different body constitutions. Although this is not to say you will not gain any result, you may actually benefit greatly from forskolin supplementation, it is always wise to be skeptical of promised results and pleasantly surprised if they are found true.